9x12 EDDM


Size: 9"x12" Matte, 100lb semi-thick cardstock


Qty:1000, $320

Qty:2500, $480

Qty:5000, $620


A good postcard/flyer has 3 things.




1) Title/Headline that grabs their attention >







2) A bit of extra info about that Title/Headline >

     to convince them.








3) And lastly contact or a call to action. >

    i.e. (Call for your FREE ESTIMATE: Ph#)





Add any designs you like from anywhere here >


1. Send us an image of any design

  you like, on(off)-line for us to

  make a similar or better design.

2. Upload and fill out basic print


3. Pay only once you like and

  approve the design we email you.